Chez Coucou is Boulder's favorite Gypsy Swing Band!

Ashlynn Manning - Singer/Ukulele
Celeste Johnson - Violin
Scott Johnson - Bass
Channing Lynn - Clarinet
Michael Isabell - Guitar
Alan Mishell - Mandolin

Chez Coucou is a Boulder Colorado based acoustic Gypsy Jazz String Quintet consisting of Mandolinist Alan Mishell, Vocalist and Ukulele player Ashlynn Manning, Bassist Scott Johnson, Violinist Celeste Johnson, and Guitarist Michael Isabell. The repertoire is drawn from American Jazz standards of the '20s, '30s' & '40s, the music of Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli, early European Jazz, as well as early Latin American Jazz. 

Alan Mishell - Mandolin

Mandolinist Alan Mishell has performed solo and with many groups at numerous venues throughout his home state of Colorado, in the Midwest and Mountain West since the 1990s. His styles range from Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Rock, Blues and Jazz. Past Jazz projects include performing with Rollinsville, CO based Jazz Fusion band, Bigger Than Plywood. Alan has performed guest sessions with Nederland, CO based Jazz band New Family Dog and Jazz Fusion band Shanti Groove. Alan's current musical project is a Gypsy Swing String Quintet called Chez Coucou that performs regularly in the greater Boulder, CO area.

Ashlynn Manning - Vocals, Ukulele

Vocalist Ashlynn Manning studied musical theater at Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, MA, and earned her B.A. in Music History and Theory at Oberlin College. The only child of long-time touring musician parents, she grew up performing jazz standards and Broadway tunes with her mother at seniors’ homes, libraries and the like. From 2006-2012 she sang, composed electronic music, danced, and traveled with Brooklyn-based dance comedy and “bio-pop” group Suspicious Package. From 2013-14 she played original music and American pop with her guitar at venues throughout Central America and Peru. In 2015 she had a piano/vocal duo with Gene Polito on the East End of Long Island, which led her to become the vocalist for the Hot Club of Montauk, gypsy jazz ensemble. From 2016-17, she dazzled audiences in sequins and 4 languages at seaside venues in her home town of Montauk and the Hamptons. Ashlynn moved to Boulder in Oct of 2017 to pursue her dreams of teaching music and sharing the music she loves with a wider audience.

Scott Johnson - Bass

Bassist Scott Johnson has over 30 years of professional playing experience in a wide variety of musical situations. He began his career playing the electric bass in a variety of roots rock and blues bands in the Cleveland, Ohio area and relocated to the Front Range in late 1991. 
In 1998, Scott picked up the upright bass and has since made that his primary instrument. In 2013, Scott added the sousaphone to his repertoire of instruments. He loves to play all kinds of roots music from traditional/New Orleans jazz to honky tonk, swing, bluegrass and blues music and anything in between! 
Past groups he has played with include Chicago Skinny, The Homewreckers and The Honky Tonk Hangovers. 
Currently Scott performs with The Beloved Invaders (surf), Felonius Smith (acoustic/delta blues), The Cowboy Dave Band (honky tonk/western swing), The Mile High Club (trad jazz/swing), Chez Coucou (gypsy swing), as well as several other Front Range based bands.

Find more about Scott at his site

Celeste Johnson - Violin